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Laser tattoo removal
in Pécs

An interesting and stylish tattoo created by an experienced master always looks spectacular.

But what to do if the tattoo is old or no longer attractive, or no longer fits your views and preferences? In this case, laser tattoo removal in Pecs in the tattoo salon “VeAn” is a safe and effective solution.

Laser tattoo removal in Pécs
Laser tattoo removal in Pécs
Laser tattoo removal in Pécs

Who needs the procedure?

The responsible specialist always warns the client that tattoo removal is a more complicated procedure than its creating.

However, salons offering tattoo removal services usually have a sufficient number of clients. The reasons why a person may want to remove a tattoo are much more than the reasons for its creation:

  • the drawing is outdated and no longer relevant, no longer attractive or causing negative emotions;
  • there are dress code requirements that do not allow tattoos on open body parts;
  • weight changes can cause pattern distortion;
  • beloved and family members may not approve of the idea of a tattoo, and this may cause it to be removed.
Laser tattoo removal in Pécs

Laser tattoo removal:
how is it done?

Modern laser tattoo removal technology in Pécs is based on the destruction of a pigment embedded in the skin with laser radiation.

After that, during the metabolism process, the smallest particles of pigment are excreted from the body through lymph.

However, it is important to understand that such a procedure requires a qualified master who has been specially trained and meets all necessary standards. The most advanced and accurate equipment is used to remove tattoos.

After completion of the procedure, no scars or cuts remain and it does not pose a risk to the client’s health. However, before opting for laser tattoo removal in Pécs at the tattoo salon “VeAn”, the client should know that this procedure may cause discomfort. In this case, the master uses anesthesia. Removing even a small tattoo may require several visits to the salon. The number of sessions depends on the following factors:

  • kind of pigment, chemical composition and color;
  • size;
  • pigment penetration depth;
  • age of the tattoo.

The cost of the procedure is determined by the number of sessions required to completely remove the tattoo. The master will also give advice on the length of time required to completely delete an image.

Laser tattoo removal in Pécs
Laser tattoo removal in Pécs

When laser tattoo removal
is not recommended?

Although laser removal is considered a safe procedure, there are certain contraindications for it.

These include pregnancy, as pain caused by the procedure can be stressful for the body and a baby. It is also not recommended to carry out the procedure in a case of skin diseases and cardiovascular problems. In addition, masters of our tattoo salon refuse to remove tattoos when clients are drunk or inadequate.

To avoid the need to undergo such an unpleasant procedure, it is recommended not to make tattoos under the influence of fashion trends and spontaneous impulses, but to be more responsible with the modifications of your body. If you want to learn more about tattoo removal, you can use the feedback option or free consultation at the tattoo salon “VeAN”.

Laser tattoo removal in Pécs